About Us

The inspiration for Love is on Lake George is rooted in our family’s legacy of treasured days on the lake with relatives and friends. My parents, Dr. Edward and Marie Farhart, enjoyed their time together on-the-lake and at-the-lake like no other place. After they both passed, it hit me that the lake was truly the place of their happiest times. Growing up with the Lake George experience and now keeping this tradition with my extended family is both rewarding and priceless (five generations and counting). This is not unique to our family, families and generations before us knew about the Lake George experience, perhaps you are one of them. The decision to declare Love is on Lake George as a substantive phrase was made while creating a framed presentation of two family photographs. One is of my Dad on his boat the Sweet Marie and the other is my Mom posing on the same boat; named for her. ‘It’ is in their expression, Love is on Lake George. Take a look. 
I decided to start Love is on Lake George in the Spring 2011, since then I have added the themes Love is in the Adirondacks and Love is in New York. I hope you find something you will enjoy.
We are a New York State Certified Women Owned Business.